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The Blockchain Migration

BLOCKS was formed because we feel that many of the world’s most important economic initiatives over the next decade can be addressed through blockchain.

We believe blockchain can bring us together across borders to cooperate on reduce and fees costs for consumers, increased transparency in government and fewer layers of intermediaries between us and commerce.

The implications for an array of functions across aerospace, defense, finance, insurance, title, real estate, data storage, supply chain and the global peer commerce layer will be disrupted by blockchain.

We believe no individual blockchain can fully solve “blockchain trilemma” of speed, security and scalability and are designing the network to use BLOCKS, bridges and sidechains to build the world’s most intelligent blockchain grid.

Novel Asset Tokenization

BLOCKS tokenizes assets in novel ways. The BLOCKS Contract Engine generates Reactive Smart Contracts (RaCs). These RaCs can optionally participate within the BLOCKS  Network as Operators.

  • Record
  • Trade
  • Track
  • Transfer
  • Payments
  • Registries

Reactive Smart Contracts

BLOCKS Network uses a novel Reactive Smart Contract (RaCs) framework that improves upon existing solutions by facilitating transactional behaviors on behalf of BLOCKS users.

RaCs have the capacity to respond to “tokens received” and “tokens sent” events. These reactive hooks allow for automated behaviors between contracts and regular addresses, particularly when functioning as Operators within the BLOCKS Network.

Global Asset Validation and Transfer Module

BLOCKS Builders modules can help serve consumers, corporations and governments in the digital registry, verification, trade, transfer and settlement of new and existing asset grids.

View on GitHub >

Digital Catalogues, NFTs and Tickets Module

BLOCKS Builders modules can help industries such as arts, music, sports, entertainment and ticketing to migrate analog catalogues into registered, digital formats that empower creators and consumers.

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Low Cost Minting, Payments and Settlements Module

BLOCKS Builders modules are intended to help develop the world's first "smart grid network" for blockchain. BLOCKS will route certain actions via bridges and sidechains, similar to what Cisco developed with routers and switches in Web 1, or what cellular networks have done for Megabytes and Minutes in Web 2.

This will allow actions such as NFT minting at a reduced savings of up to 98% on gas fees, and also offers improved synthesis of payments, settlement and asset verification registries.

View on GitHub >

Ownership Verification and Assurance Module

BLOCKS Builders modules allow for ease of transfer, verification and authentication across both public and private-side registries. This has implications for some of the top UN 2030 Agenda initiatives, including land and title clarity in the emerging markets, as well as an easy-to-understand global registry for blockchain verification.

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BLOCKS Builders Modules

BLOCKS Labs is a decentralized space for the development of the world’s most intelligent blockchain grid.

BLOCKS Builders will use this area for the pilot programs and sandbox modules we develop.

BLOCKS has developed a series of potential BLOCKS Builder modules, some of which are already in testing, across key vertical markets.

APIs and SDKs Coming to BLOCKS

The BLOCKS GitHub will also serve to as an authenticated repository for documenting our work together in the labs.

BLOCKS Builders will continue to populate this area with new API’s, SDK’s and vertical modules over time.

This will be accomplished via BLOCKS network, bridges and sidechains.

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